Client Feedback About Our Piano Acquisition Solutions


A few unsolicited comments from customers

Crated & Shipped Yamaha 52” upright piano from apartment in Boston, MA to owner’s home in the Republic of Singapore via Ocean

“Dear Harry, Thomas and Jimmy, I am happy to let you all know that the Piano has arrived home safe and sound !
Thank you very much for your fabulous service. The packing is so well done ! The handling is so professional. My daughter and I are so relieved that it has travelled the miles and is now sitting pretty in the living room. She is giving her a rest before playing it."

Thank you ! With Best regards, Geok

Crating & Shipping treasured family Schimmel Grand Piano from Mother in Chicago, IL to Daughter in Brisbane, Australia via Ocean

"Carol and I are so grateful for all of your attention to detail. The grand piano arrived perfectly in Brisbane, Australia. We couldn't have accomplished this without you. Should the subject of piano moving arise, we would recommend your services without hesitation."

Thank you, Diane

"Harry - I can't thank you enough for all you did to facilitate this delivery. I and my children are over the moon happy with having the piano in our home and in tune and ... and ... and ...

It is a positively life changing moment for our family that you made poissible. I would be more thanhappy for you to list me as a reference<br> going forward, "

Very warmest regards, Carol

Crating and transport grand piano from Maryland to L.A. via truck & Port via Ocean to Honolulu, HI home

"Thanks Harry, piano delivered April 19th in good condition. I appreciate all your coordination efforts (through the strikes on West Coast and Honolulu Ports); please enjoy my small token of appreciation coming to you via mail (Macadamia Nuts),"


Crating & Shipping Bluthner Upright Piano from Utah to Madrid, Spain via Ocean

"Hello Harry, The piano has arrived sound and safely in our house. The piano was even not very out of tune and tolerates the old fingers that went without practice for half a year.
We thank you for your part in the moving"

From Spain, Cornelis

Selling Consignment 2006 Model 278 Fazioli 9'2" Concert Grand & Assistance with Shipping to Canada

"Dear Harry of Mobley’s Inc.:

I can't thank you enough for your help in my acquiring the 2006 Fazioli Model 278 Concert Grand (9' 2") that you had on consignment with the owner in New York State!
Your honest evaluation, suggestions, prompt communications, transparency, southern charm and general assistance was key to my purchasing this instrument. This, of course, would have been more than enough in most contexts, but you also helped alleviate my concerns about shipping the instrument to Canada and found a new matching artist bench since the owner wanted to keep the original bench.
Please feel free to display my comments on your web site testimonial page and include me in customer references to your future
customer prospects.
You helped me realize a life-long dream and, again, I thank you.

              Sincerely, Victor in Ontario, Canada.

p.s. To prospective international piano buyers I proclaim: trust Harry! "

Crating & Shipping Baldwin SD-10 Concert Grand from Chicago to Durbin, South Africa
Arrived January 2014

"Just to let you know that at last we got the Baldwin SD-10 into the music room where it has joined the NY Steinway D. It was obvious that lots of care went into the packing and crating, and the piano emerged from its journey across the US and across the seas unscathed. It hasn't lost its voice or dropped much in pitch - just out of tune but no worse than some bar pianos - and there are no signs of condensation or humidity damage which was something I worried about.

We're happy with the new piano; thanks again for getting this piano safely to us out here at the bottom of Africa. A miracle.

"I was accommodated regarding timing of the departure and kept informed of progress" and "I would certainly use Mobley's Inc. again."

Crating & Shipping Yamaha C6 Grand rom NYC to San Juan, Puerto Rico November 2013

"Just want to let you know that we picked up the piano yesterday. Everything worked out perfectly. As you can see it is now sitting in the living room in PR overlooking the ocean. Your services were impeccable. The way you coordinated this move was completely flawless and I'm very happy I chose you to make this move."

From Sonya on crating and shipping her Steinway Model B & Model O Grands from New York City to Melbourne, Australia via Ocean

"The B arrived late last week and is in pretty perfect condition! Even the tuning has still held. What a relief and thank you, thank you for guiding me through this hairy process.

The company who took care of customs was set up for me by your shipping company. They kept me updated and weren't a lot of money. They also organized for the piano to be moved by a proper piano moving company.

I am now ready for you to ship the Model O from your Crater"

From Marsha on crating and shipping her Steinway Model B Grand from New York to Amsterdam, Netherlands via Air​

"It’s here, at home, Harry!
The movers said the crate was very good, nothing moved or touched anything.
Thank you very much, the best of services it was!
Too bad we don’t have another to move 🙂 but one never knows" 

From WG on crating and shipping her Baldwin Grand from Georgia to her Daughter in Hawaii:

"Baby Baldwin arrived and was set up at the house ! xxx

"The ultimate thank you for me was that I got an audio text this am of her playing the piano ! She is so happy ! Thanks for all that you and your company did to make this happen."

From LF a pianist/teaher in Sydney Australia on the crating & shipping of a vintage Steinway Grand

"Dear Harry,
I do not have words to express my gratitude and thanks for your amazing service through a complicated job! You not only helped me realize my dream of owning a ‘completely’ rebuilt vintage Steinway (in a country where such a thing is most rare) you did it as a friend would do it. With care and great understanding of both the Instrument and me. Thanks for being so prompt with all those documents and educating me so beautifully every step of the way. And such a long way it was to Australia. The crate arrived in every detail to your excellent specifications with great protections for the piano. Now it is here, with out a scratch, absolutely beautiful to see and play. It’s been worth the wait and I am very joyful.
Thank you so very very much!"

From DM in North Carolina on the consignment sale of her Baby Grand

"I placed my aging baby grand piano for sale in our local paper and on Craigslist, and got a very poor response. The offers to buy the piano were so far below what I was asking, I considered donating it to a charity. When Grand Grands got involved, they reviewed the pictures, noted that it was a unique style, and said perhaps just the right buyer was out there. He did find that buyer. In the end, after all commissions, advertising and shipping costs were deducted, I received a check for more than my original asking price. Needless to say, I was very, very pleased with the results! Thank you, Grand Grands."

From CE in Anaheim, CA on shipping a Steinway B Honolulu to California

"Thank you for all your help in this endeavor. I truly could not have done it without you and definitely would have added a plethora of grey (white, really) hairs if I had. I wish I could transmit one of my mother's joyful smiles when she heard her beloved piano had arrived on our shores (just in time for her milestone birthday!) - then you could share in the warm glow you have so greatly helped create."

From JR in Wooster, Ohio who bought a consigned Kohler & Campbell grand

"Hi Harry, Finally, I got the piano on Sunday. It is in a good shape and I am very happy with it. Thanks again, it was a pleasure doing business with you. I wish you further success in selling pianos!

Thanks, Jozsef

From DM in Corning, NY who bought a 2001 Steinway Model B

"Hi Harry, the Steinway B was delivered on Tuesday. The piano appears as described, essentially new. I played a number of pieces and all works well. Less broken-in than I expected, in fact. Far different from my D--lighter action, lower volume, ability to play much more softly. The bench is correct and the cover is a good fit.
So thank you for an excellent B, it has been a pleasure doing business with you."

From MV in Birmingham, Alabama

"Mr. Mobley, Thank YOU for helping me get my piano from Japan. It's been great working with you. Without your help,my piano is still there, collecting dust."

From Zheng in Xiamen, Fugian Province, China who bought a 1991 Steinway Concert Grand​

"Hi Harry, got the piano today! The piano looks great and sounds great. Thanks for your help. You've done a great job putting everything together for me"

From TL in PA a consignment customer; we sold his
1984 Steinway Concert Grand Model D to a customer in Japan​

"Thank You for your fine business practices which led to our completing our piano sale. I applaud your pluck in contacting me originally, and carrying through the entire process"

From BK in Illinois who bought a 1925 Steinway Model M Grand

"I am very happy to say that the piano is better than I expected and Kim and I are very happy with it. We got exactly what we wanted: A good condition pre-war Steinway with beautiful wood and lots of life left in it."

From LM in North Bethesda MD who bought a 2007 Steinway Model O Grand​

"Harry, the Piano is just wonderful. It is so appreciated at home"

From LK in Austin, Texas who bought a 1890's Steinway Grand

"Harry: I just sent you a photo of me standing by the Steinway in my living room. It is beautiful, just as beautiful as we all thought it would be. I gave a mini-concert for my husband and daughter-in-law last night. My other children are coming tonight to see and hear it.

Thank you again for all your professional manner in this transaction. If I can ever give a recommendation, please give my name. I would be more than happy to do that.

Thank you for the name of the technician. I wanted to have someone who would know really how to appreciate these special pianos.

The movers were excellent, very professional and courteous. I give my highest recommendations to them also."

From John in the Midwest, who bought a vintage Steinway grand for himself and a slightly used Steinway B for a family member

"I saw the pianos this evening and they arrived in very good condition. You have been so helpful and really made me feel very at ease about making these purchases sight unseen. I will recommend you to anyone that needs to buy a piano. Thank you so much for your patience and thanks for being so responsive to all my questions."

From Paul in Ft. Walton Beach, FL, we marketed and sold his 1900 Steinway Model A-II Art Case

"I sold my 1900 Steinway grand piano through Grand Grands. Harry and his team did a quality job from beginning to end. The photographs they took were very professional and highlighted the physical beauty of my piano. The video demonstrated its wonderful, singing tone. Harry worked with me to set a good asking price. He handled all negotiations with interested buyers -- confirming the seriousness of their interest, arranging for inspection and shipping, drawing up the bill of sale and arranging for the transfer of funds -- while consulting with me every step of the way. Harry made the sale of my piano profitable and painless, even in the current soft market. I recommend Grand Grands without reservation."

From Doug in Kansas City, MO who bought a rebuilt 1908 Steinway Model A-II Art Case

"I met Harry as a first time purchaser. I was very particular about what I was looking for, and I had been "going it alone" in my search for a vintage restored Steinway grand piano for nearly two years. Although I came across countless candidate pianos along the way, I was not able to find the right piano for the right price from the right rebuilder. Harry changed all of that rather quickly. Equally, if not more important, he served as a trusted intermediary for both me and the rebuilder. The end result was my complete satisfaction. Without reservation, I recommend Harry and Mobley's Inc. to any prospective piano purchaser."

From Jerry in Gardnerville, NV who bought a rebuilt 1920 Steinway Model O ebony

"Late yesterday afternoon I happened to glance out my front door and saw a box from UPS on the front porch. Not expecting any deliveries, I was quite surprised to see that the Steinway lock key had arrived. I’ve seen photos of the key, but the real thing is quite impressive. It’s solid brass and beautifully cast and polished. I expect to make a satin ebony plaque with a Steinway lyre logo and a nice hook for the key. It will go somewhere on a wall as a piece d’art.

As for the piano, François tuned it a second time and did some regulation on the action. We are both amazed at how well it’s settling in here. I played several Model Ls and maybe an “O” or two in music school and don’t remember any that sounded as big as life as mine. I was somewhat concerned about the very low bass when I first saw it.. The bass seems to be taking care of itself nicely. It’s now becoming full and rich. This is truly a magnificent Steinway and I’m delighted and quite proud to own it."

From JG in Lucas, TX who bought a vintage Steinway upright

"I haven't had a chance to sit down and write a note to Thank you. I was out of town when the piano was delivered. I finally saw it on Friday and want to tell you that we love it! It looks great in the living room and is everything we imagined. Thank you again- it was a pleasure working with you!"

From Fulgencio in Murcia, Spain (piano dealer & technician) who bought a Fazioli Concert Grand

"Harry, Thanks a lot for all your attention during my recent trip to Memphis. I have been very happy in Memphis with you. I hope when you come to Murcia you will enjoy my city. I think coming to Murcia will be a very pleasant trip for you and your wife."

From Gessica in Torino, Italy (piano dealer) who bought 6 Steinway Grands

"I have been working with Mr. Mobley since 2004 and I met him and his family twice. He is a great person and it is a pleasure doing business with him. At that moment I bought no. 6 Steinway & Sons Grand Piano"

From Leo in California who bought a Mason & Hamlin Model BB Walnut

"At one time in my career I was a professional purchasing agent and I will tell you, without hesitation, that Harry Mobley is one of the most honest, dependable, and forthright people that I've met. He did everything he said he would do - even when a slight glitch took place - he immediately solved the problem even though he had nothing to do with the cause. I did not know him until I bought a piano from him but now I consider him to be a friend. You may end up the same way."

From Buddie and Mary Kay in Texas who bought a rebuilt vintage Steinway Grand Model S Mahogany

"My husband and I bought a Steinway piano from Harry sight unseen other than looking at a picture of it on the internet. Buddie (my husband) talked to Harry and Don, who rebuilds for him. Last Christmas (we have an annual Christmas party and wanted to make sure it was tuned), so a friend of our recommended a man who rebuilds Steinway's in Dallas and tunes them on the side. When he came out he kept going on about what a beautiful, wonderful sounding piano we had - where did we get it - it hardly needed to be tuned even though we had it for a year at that time. Also, our piano was rebuilt with all Steinway parts, which most people don't do, according to the tuner. We paid to have Harry's delivery man deliver it to us in Texas from Tennessee. Buddie and I can tell you that we were very satisfied with our purchase and our dealings with Harry. You have been a pleasure to deal with and we want to be on your recommendation list. 

Thank you, Mary Kay

From Bill & Stacy in Michigan: Sent a vintage Steinway Grand in for rebuild/restoration and Piano Disc installation

"We absolutely LOVE this piano. You all did such a fantastic job. I think we got hung up on a couple of concerns and the message that we really, really love the piano got lost in the shuffle. The finish on the piano is remarkable and the sound is fantastic. If you ever want a strong recommendations, we would love to provide it. Truly, I don't think we have ever been treated better or had better quality work."

From R.B. in New Jersey. a Steinway Artist, performing Artist, and teacher: purchased a rebuilt 1982 Steinway Model D Concert Grand

"Owning Steinway pianos all my life, I have frequently been disappointed in the quality of work I've witnessed in rebuilt instruments despite the impressive resumes and accolades of the providers. Buying a Steinway is easy but where to buy it is another story. The more time I spend with my new piano, the more I realize what a quality instrument I have. You have made this venture a most enjoyable experience and provided me with an instrument I've waited for all my life. You are to be commended on the service, workmanship and professionalism you have provided. The sound, the feel, the appearance and price of my Steinway D were beyond my expectations. I would not hesitate recommending your five star establishment to the most demanding professional. Bravo!"

From D&J G in Georgia: purchased a rebuilt/restored 1922 Steinway Model M Mahogany

"Indeed, the piano arrived safely and we have been enjoying it ever since. Thanks to you and Don.
We have thoroughly enjoyed the PianoDisc system. Thanks for your encouragement as the disc system adds another dimension. Again, many thanks. The experience with you has been rewarding."

From M.C. in Georgia: purchased a rebuilt/restored 1935 Steinway Model M Mahogany

"I just wanted you to know my piano teacher tried my piano out today. Her comment was, "Now THAT'S a piano!" She really ( I mean really) liked it. I am adjusting to the differences from the old to the new, and I fear I will be spoiled very soon.

Thanks for all you've done to help get the piano to me. I have nothing but praise for your help during my visit and for keeping me informed during the delivery process."

From J.S. in New Mexico: purchased a restored 1925 Steinway Model L

"The piano arrived y’day and we are very pleased with it. Thank you for making the transaction so easy. It was a real pleasure. By the way- pls feel free to put me on your list of references."

From C.T. in Florida: purchased a 1969 Steinway Model M 

"From the time of our first telephone conversation I was aware that I was speaking to a gentleman with the highest professional standards. I appreciated this as well as your patience while I tried to decide what to do and how to do it. You made the purchase as pleasant as the actual arrival of the piano. I am so very pleased with it. It is visible from nearly all the living areas of the house and each time I see it, I'm happy that I waited to have this piano and did not settle for another one."

From D. N in California: purchased a Young Chang Pramberger JP-175 Grand

"We're loving the piano! Thank you for putting up with us through the whole ordeal! You were wonderfully calm and helpful! Brian did a great job of tuning it and adjusting the pedal (no squeak!). It's getting a lot of loving attention from both my daughter and me."

From D.B. in New Mexico: purchased a Young Chang PG-157 Grand

"The piano was delivered this afternoon. I'm thrilled - it's a beautiful work of art sitting in my living
room. The movers were very courteous and efficient, and I would not hesitate to go with them in the future if I had to move."

From H.L. in Texas: purchased a Young Chang PG-185 Grand​

"You can use me as customer reference anytime you wish. You have my email address and telephone number. Thank You for taking care of me."

From J. R. in Illinois: purchased a Young Chang JP-175 Grand

"The piano is perfect. You and your company did everything that you said you would. It's not easy buying a piano "sight-unseen". I shopped locally, so I know I got one hell of a bargain. Thanks again."

From L.G. in Wisconsin: purchased a Nordiska Grand

"Yes, I love my piano!!! Poor Dan..we're in the middle of adding an addition to our house, and the ground was too wet to bring their truck around to the back. They had to take the piano out the back door and down a flight of stairs, but they did it! Thanks again so much!"

From R.J. in South Carolina: purchased a Young Chang PG-157 w/Pianodisc

"I received a phone call from a very nice gentleman of San Fran last evening…your good reputation is spreading! I spoke with him at some length about my experience with you, the instrument, PianoDisc Systems, and internet business.

My easy job in this regard was simply to tell unvarnished truth. It is my opinion after the conversation is that you will probably have another satisfied customer very soon. It must be very pleasing to put the beauty and peace of music in appreciative hands.

Having that instrument in my home for the past year has been a cherished, significant part of keeping several lives balanced, meaningful, and inspired.

Although I did not share that piece of information with the California Gentleman, you are free to refer to it as proof positive of potentially priceless rewards of what you are marketing."

From S.C. in Texas: purchased a Kohler & Campbell Grand

"You have been an absolute pleasure to deal with and I love my piano. Look forward to hearing from you regarding a technician. Want to keep this baby in good shape. Again, my thanks."

From C.C. in Arkansas: purchased a Boston Grand w/PianoDisc system

"We have received our Boston piano with the PianoDisc system and have thoroughly enjoyed it."

From E.K. in New Jersey: purchased a restored Steinway Model M

"Piano arrived in good shape and not too out of tune. Movers did an excellent job. I will have the piano tuned in a couple weeks after it has adjusted to the space. One of the black nubs was missing on the top right side. Movers said they would advise you and have you forward one to me. Thanks for all your help."

From J.S. in Florida: purchased a top end digital grand

"The piano arrived, was set up and it works fine. Thank you for your interest. Thank you again for your assistance, this whole transaction really went smoothly."

From D.R. in Florida: purchased a Young Chang PG-157

"I am happy to report my piano was delivered on Saturday. I am thrilled with it! Thank you so much for all the information you provided to me along the way. All has been handled perfectly. If I ever know someone who is in the market for a piano, I will definitely send them your way."